Leave Management Outsourcing

If your organization has 5,000 or more employees, ReedGroup can manage your entire leave of absence process, so you can unburden your HR team and increase employee productivity. For organizations with 3,000 - 5,000 employees, ReedGroup's industry-leading software can easily track, manage, and automate your company's leaves of absence. How can we help you?

Compliance Services

Stay current with local, state and federal leaves laws, regulations and legislation, with our comprehensive and accurate absence management software.

Employers, click below to read about the five critical considerations as the implementation of new paid family leave laws expand across the US.

Outsourcing your leave process to us is win-win for your employees and your company.

ReedGroup can manage the entire leave of absence process for companies with 5,000 or more employees, in one location or across multiple states - accurately and with timely determinations. We are experts in STD and LTD claims and all types of leave administration including FMLA and ADA.

Additionally, our compliance experts provide leave of absence legislation updates, keeping us on top of developments impacting employers and employees. Partnering with us means you can spend less time tracking leaves and legislation so you can rest assured that details are covered and even the most complex regulations and compliance updates are tracked.